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Are you passionate about making someone’s day and ensuring they get the latest Apple product with satisfaction? As an Operations Expert, you play a crucial role in connecting people to the products they love. Guiding and mentoring your team, you keep pace with changing demands, ensuring that every product and demo machine is in its rightful place. Your organizational skills and dedication are at the heart of what the Apple Store does, fostering a culture where everyone belongs and is inspired to excel.

Key Qualifications:

  • Quick thinking and adept at problem-solving, even in changing conditions.
  • Leadership skills, whether leading by example or coaching a group.
  • Strong organizational skills, capable of evaluating every situation swiftly.
  • Contribute to an inclusive environment by respecting differences and fostering curiosity to learn.
  • Demonstrate Apple’s values of inclusion and diversity in daily activities.

Description: As an Operations Expert, you shoulder the incredible responsibility of ensuring products take the final step in the supply chain: getting into customers’ hands. Managing the store’s entire inventory, including products, parts, tools, and supplies, you ensure your team has the support, knowledge, and resources needed for maintaining product availability. You oversee inventory tasks and organize the stockroom as new products arrive. Constant communication with the management and leadership teams is part of your role, sharing data about the status of products and parts. When exciting new products arrive, you are the first to unveil and present them to the entire store team. While Apple makes the products, you make it happen by readying our products for customers.

Additional Requirements:

  • Ability to manage and meet multiple inventory deadlines weekly.
  • Willingness to follow guidelines for secure access to products and movement through the stockroom.
  • Flexibility with your schedule based on business needs.

Pay & Benefits: At Apple, base pay is one element of our total compensation package and is determined within a range, providing opportunities for progression as you grow in your role. Your base pay depends on your skills, qualifications, experience, and location.

Apple employees have the opportunity to become Apple shareholders through participation in Appleā€™s discretionary employee stock programs. Benefits include comprehensive medical and dental coverage, retirement benefits, discounts on products and services, and reimbursement for certain educational expenses, including tuition for career advancement. This role may also be eligible for discretionary bonuses or commission payments, as well as relocation benefits.

Learn more about Apple Benefits [lin].

Note: Apple benefit, compensation, and employee stock programs are subject to eligibility requirements and other terms outlined in the applicable plan or program.

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